Soil Testing

We have been a family business since 1984 and new to the internet, most of our customers have come from word of mouth referrals. We are reaching out to get more new satisfied customers especially those tired of the large, franchised lawn care companies.

We originally started in the snow plowing and property management business. We have since redefined our focus whole-heartedly on lawn care services. We work hard all spring, summer and fall. In winter we rest and recover and prepare for the hard work in the next season, keeping up-to-date with any new technologies.

Our Mission Statement

Pay only for what you need, want or is in your budget, and actually have done what you pay for. For example, if you choose fertilizer, if you have 5,000 sq. ft of grass, we will apply the amount the manufacturer recommends at the proper application rate. (Actually we apply a little more). We want our customers to get results. We can't get those results if we cheat our customers with half the amount of product on the lawn. In other words we don't believe in watering down the product. We feel we charge a fair price and want to give exceptional service.
Core Aeration


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